Vana-Altoa tee 4-3
Vana-Altoa tee 4-3
4 bedroom 0€
3 bedroom 0€
Large sauna 7 500€
Large storage room 0€
Sauna and storage room 4 500€
Bedroom and wardrobe 0€
Roof lounge and storage room 33 000€
Shelter 0€
Conservatory 9 000€
Shed and small shelter 6 900€
Home office / guest house 34 000€
Sauna house 34 000€
Electric car charger readiness 2 290€
Enefit VOLT electric car charger package 3 900€

Timeless Scandinavian design. Soft colours and light wood surfaces.

Cosy and warm, like a grandmother’s house on the island of Saaremaa. Classic profile doors and retro bathrooms.

Exclusive modernism from California. Respectable and confident.

A hot and sunny Australian surfing beach. Blue ocean and yellow sand with lush plant motifs.

A dreamy world of pink. Round shapes, pastel colours and bright accents.

Three-strip parquet

LVT flooring with wood pattern

(LVT, i.e. Luxury Vinyl Tiles, is considerably more hard-wearing flooring than wood parquet. Ideal for homes with pets.)

One-strip parquet

Chrome-plated Vitra mixer taps, white ceramics, sink cabinet and flush tank button.

Black Vitra mixer taps and flush tank button. Sink cabinet with white ceramics and wood.

Vitra brass mixer taps, white ceramics, and flush tank button. Grey wooden sink cabinet.

Rooms 5
Terrace 18 m2
Size 91 m2
Yard 250 m2
Base price 259000€

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