Welcome to Rabarebase Garden City!

There’s plenty of space here. So much so that everyone has their own room and mowing the whole garden may need more than one go. There’s also plenty of safe street space, fun play areas and room for exercise.

There is a lot of freedom here. Your children go to school by themselves, riding their scooters on the light traffic path. You can go jogging in a different corner of the woods every evening and your monthly mortgage payment leaves you enough freedom to enjoy life.

There is a lot of greenery here. Not just the greenery you can see and touch. The green mindset is also evident in what’s on the roof, walls and floors of your home.

More spacious square metres

Every square metre has a price and its value must match this, but often many square metres are simply wasted. When building new homes, our goal is to use every square metre smartly and make the most of them. With the help of the hundreds of good people who participated in our customer survey, we created two different house types with a total of 62 homes.

Plenty of choice

There is no home that suits everyone. We all have different needs, tastes and habits. That’s why everyone can redesign their Rabarebase home to their own taste. In addition to the interior finish, you can also choose from a range of different layouts and add rooms or yard buildings. The smallest houses have three rooms and the largest ones can have up to seven rooms.

Environmentally sustainable quality

Home plays the biggest role in shaping our attitudes and mindsets, and that is why our homes themselves must be role models for us. Rabarebase Garden City has been designed to ensure a clean and safe environment for future generations.

Modern materials are used to build the energy class A buildings. This ensures the highest construction quality.

A good indoor climate is ensured by state-of-the-art utility systems. The buildings are heated by energy-efficient geothermal heat pumps, and fresh air is brought into each room by ventilation units with heat recovery and fine filters. Solar panels on the roofs of the houses ensure greater energy savings and lower electricity bills.


Coop Konsum
Kiili School of Arts
Upper secondary school
Nursery school
Bus station
Kiili Family Medical Centre
Rabarebase Garden City

Lähtse Village, Kiili Municipality

Rabarebase Garden City is located on the outskirts of Kiili. The nursery school and upper secondary school are just a stones throw away and can be reached along a lit light traffic path. Kiili also has a children’s hobby school, a family medical centre, two shops, a petrol station and some eateries. The municipality will soon build a new nursery school in the village of Vaela, a short distance towards Tallinn, and the plan for a water centre has also been initiated. New technology park is already under construction in the area. The four-lane Tallinn Ring Road connects Kiili with all the capital’s regions and Estonia’s major roads. Ülemiste City and Järve Centre are within a 15-minute drive from Kiili.

New homes 62
Family-friendly environment
5 minutesto the forest and the bog


Rabarebase Garden City is being built by real estate company Pinered. For us, property development is more than just selling and building. We create space and do it ourselves from start to finish. We are developers, designers and builders. This way, we can be sure that the square metres we build have the most space. We started as children with toy blocks and forest huts, and later studied at university to become civil engineers and architects. We are still constantly increasing to our knowledge base and have now accumulated more than a decade of practical experience in the construction industry. Dozens of private houses, apartment buildings and office premises have been designed and built by our people.

Pinered was born out of the need to build homes for ourselves. Today, our friends and colleagues also live in Pinered houses. We want to give everyone the opportunity to be part of the space created by Pinered. It’s what we like and do best. Our dream is to leave a long-lasting and valuable legacy. Pindi Kinnisvara, our good partner in property sales, will help you buy a home in Rabarebase Garden City.

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