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Insulated slab foundation made of monolithic reinforced concrete. Plastered plinth.

Load-bearing structure

The load-bearing structure is designed from modern energy-efficient materials.

Façade and roof

The façade cladding consists of stained horizontal and vertical wooden boards and steel sheeting. The houses have wooden windows with triple glazing. The gable roofs are covered with steel sheeting and the flat roofs with rolled material.

Terraces, canopies and sheds

Terraces, canopies and sheds are built from wood. Sheds have lockable doors and no heating.

Interior finish

Non-load bearing internal walls on a metal frame filled with mineral wool and covered with plaster boards or panelling. Ceilings are covered with plasterboard or panelling. The walls of sanitary rooms are partially tiled and partially painted. Flooring in living areas is parquet or LVT. The floors in the entrance hall and wet rooms are tiled. The materials of the wall, ceiling and flooring depend on the selected interior finish package. The two-storey buildings have wooden staircases.

Utility systems

Energy efficiency

The energy class of the buildings is A. The heating system is based on geothermal heat pumps and underfloor heating. Forced ventilation has heat recovery. There are solar panels that generate electricity on the roofs of the buildings. Each terraced house has a shared utility room with a boiler, heat pump, electrical board and main water metering point. Ventilation equipment is located in the utility or storage rooms of the houses.

Electricity, communications, water and sewerage

Each building has one electrical connection. The distribution boards of the houses branch from the main board located in the utility room. An electric car charger can be installed in the parking area of each house. The solar panels are shared by the whole house. Each building will have a Telia optical cable. The water supply and sewerage system is central.

Sales process

  1. Reservation

    A reservation agreement will be entered into with the client and it will remain in force until the contract under the law of obligations is signed. In order to confirm their purchase intent, the buyer pays an advance payment in the amount of 5,000 euros when entering into the reservation agreement.

  2. Contract under law of obligations

    A notarised contract under the law of obligations will be entered into with the client, setting out all the details of the transaction. The buyer pays 15% of the purchase price with the contract under the law of obligations.

  3. Real rights contract

    When the house is ready for use, a notarial real right contract is made, the buyer pays the outstanding amount and ownership of the house is transferred. The real right contract must be signed within one month of the completion of the house. Houses will be legally registered as apartment ownerships and an apartment association will be established in each house.

The price of the contract includes the following:

  • a house and yard completed in compliance with the project documentation and interior finish package;
  • fee for the construction and connection of utility networks (water supply, electricity, sewerage);
  • readiness for data communications and telephone service connections;
  • two parking spaces on the property;
  • shed or storeroom, terrace and shelters shown in the drawings of the house;

The price of the contract does not include the following:

  • fees for connection to data communications, cable TV, telephone networks;
  • notary and state fees related to the sales contract.

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Rabarebase Garden City is being built by real estate company Pinered. We create space and do it ourselves from start to finish. We are developers, designers and builders. This way, we can be sure that the square metres we build have the most space. We started as children with toy blocks and forest huts, and later studied at university to become civil engineers and architects. We are still constantly increasing to our knowledge base and have now accumulated more than a decade of practical experience in the construction industry. Dozens of private houses, apartment buildings and office premises have been designed and built by our people.

Pinered was born out of the need to build homes for ourselves. Today, our friends and colleagues also live in Pinered houses. We want to give everyone the opportunity to be part of the space created by Pinered. It’s what we like to do and it’s what we do best. Our dream is to leave a lasting and valuable legacy.

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