Ühe­kordne rida­­e­lamu

Garden city

The Rabarebase living environment has been designed according to the principles of a garden city. The yards are large and there’s plenty of greenery, with everything you need for life at your fingertips. The garden cities of Nõmme, Pääsküla and Lilleküla, for example, have been built according to the same approach. There are two playgrounds and a community square in Rabarebase. The fenced playground is for the smallest kids, whilst other communal areas offer activities for all ages.

We have paid special attention to safe traffic. Footpaths are exclusively for pedestrians,. Vanatoa tee is a one-way road to increase safety and the speed limit is 20 km/h.  This means that the youngest and the oldest residents alike can feel safe on the streets of the Rabarebase new development.

The landscaping solution was created by Lidia Zarudnaya, whose company is called Positiivne Pinnavorm. She has studied architecture and landscape architecture in both St Petersburg and Tallinn. In recent years, Lidia has been involved in projects such as the outdoor areas of the Maarjamäe Film Museum, the Memorial to the Victims of Communism, Narva Castle and several new developments.


The architectural style of Rabarebase Garden City is different from other new developments with its boldness and modernism, but it’s also warm and cosy thanks to its gable roofs and wooden façades. The very large plots allowed us to turn the longer sides of the houses towards the yard can create much wider yards for everyone. Every house has its own private terrace with a shelter that is hidden from the neighbour’s eyes by a wooden partition.


The spatial plan is the brainchild of hundreds of good people who took part in the new home survey organised by Pinered. After a thorough analysis of the survey results, we came up with the two different house types, which in turn can be redesigned in many different ways. This way, everyone should be able to find a solution that suits them. The heart of all Rabarebase homes is a spacious and easily zoned living room. Saunas are located close to the kitchens to allow their cross-use as front rooms. There is ample storage space, and the well-designed positioning of doors and windows allows for a variety of furniture arrangements in the bedrooms. The bedrooms on the first floor are small in size, but the high sloping ceiling creates a whole new experience of space.

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