How were Rabarebase homes created?

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How were Rabarebase homes created?

Pineredi method

The journey of Pinered’s founders in property development started six years ago, driven by the desire to build homes for themselves. Based on our own needs, we built a small terraced house with five houses at Mooni street 64, Tallinn. The houses which were left over from us quickly found new owners and we received a lot of praise for the optimal layout. This experience taught us how important it is to communicate with future residents from day one when creating a good home.

Mooni 64 ridaelamu

When we launched the Rabarebase property development project, we immediately set out to find out what people wanted and needed in a new home. Based on this, we planned to design a building that would be good for everyone to live in. Mari Arnover, Head of, conducted a two-part survey at our request. It included dozens of interviews and an in-depth online survey. We received responses from more than three hundred people.

Customer survey

As we summarised the results of the customer survey, we found that there are as many different requests and needs as there are people. There is no perfect home that fits everyone. Apparently, all previous surveys carried out by property developers ended with the same conclusion. In the end, the architects have always had to come up with a compromise. Perhaps this is why, unlike in Scandinavia, it’s common in Estonia for clients to be allowed to make rather big changes to the layout and interior finish of their new home. However, each change requires the preparation of a separate price quote, redesign and special agreements with the builder. This is a complex and time-consuming process. Moreover, the customer will find out the price of the change only after the calculation has been finalised.

Freedom of choice

We didn’t throw in the towel here. As we analysed the results of the survey in depth, we realised that a large and spacious living room, adequate storage space and a yard that is as private as possible are a common desire of all people. From there on, opinions began to differ – on the number of storeys, the size and number of bedrooms, open or separate kitchen, the existence of a sauna and many other details. In the end, we decided to create three different types of buildings that should meet the expectations of almost all customers. Rabarebase Garden City has the smallest houses among property developments in Harju County that only have two rooms as well as the biggest houses with six bedrooms, and everything in between.

The new home configurator is definitely the most unique solution. It opens when you click on the suitable house in the price list on the website. The configurator allows you to customise the layout of your new home before you even submit your reservation request. The price of all the changes is also immediately visible. Soon, the choice and combination of interior finishing materials will also be added. After a while, we’ll be able to offer other accessories such as kitchen furniture, lighting and electric car chargers as well. Clients who have already made a reservation will have the option to change their choices and add new extras.


Martin Varvas, Pinered Partner and Architectural Artist