A trip around the world

A trip around the world

The interior finish packages of Rabarebase Garden City take us on this trip. In creating them, we drew ideas from our travels to come up with the most different-looking design solutions for your new home.

The closest destination, Kuressaare, is also the most familiar. It’s cosy and warm, like a grandmother’s house on the island of Saaremaa. Soft colours on walls, panel doors, round switches and sockets and retro bathroom tiles create a historic atmosphere.

The next stop is Copenhagen. The capital of Denmark, home to a wealth of world-renowned architects and designers whose work has brought the timeless Scandinavian design to every corner of the world. Modernist in spirit and minimalist in form. Light-coloured surfaces and the use of natural wood are definitely the keywords. All this is like a canvas for life itself.

From Kastrup airport, we now head across the ocean. Palm Springs near Los Angeles is a mecca of American modernist architecture. Simple lines, honest use of materials, dignified dark wood surfaces and the lack of decorative elements are characteristic of this style.

Sailing across the Pacific, we find ourselves on the surfing beaches of Australia. It’s a real paradise on earth for those who enjoy the good life. Preston Beach is a finishing package where the yellow sun and blue ocean create the mood. They are complemented by bathroom tiles with tropical plant motifs.

Our journey ends in a very special place. Shangri La is a dream where the real world and higher feelings are mixed. Magical pink, lush green and round forms make us feel like we’re on top of the clouds.

You can find out more about the destinations here: interior design.