Property development was launched where the buyers can change the layout themselves

Property development was launched where the buyers can change the layout themselves

Estonian property developer Pinered has for the first time launched a new development where, in addition to the usual simple upgrades, the buyer can also change the floor plan up to the number of rooms. The founders of Pinered have done extensive preparatory work to find out what buyers want and to ensure that the process of buying a property is a comfortable and transparent one.

“Designing a new home according to one’s own wishes has so far been in the hands of private house developers,” said Pinered’s Architectural Artist Martin Varvas. “Pinered now also lets terraced house buyers put together the layout of their new homes themselves, offering this option in Rabarebase Garden City, which is being built on the outskirts of Kiili.”

“We started designing the buildings with an extensive customer survey,” explained Varvas. “We wanted to understand what the most favoured layout for a terraced house is. We asked the respondents whether they prefer three or four bedrooms, an open or separate kitchen, a sauna or a storage room, and so on.”

“Contrary to our initial expectations, the survey confirmed a well-known fact – there are as many opinions as there are people. For a while, we found ourselves in a pretty difficult situation, as we wanted to use energy-efficient and high-quality timber elements to build the houses, but this means that making any changes later is very expensive and difficult. But we didn’t give up and developed a system where customers can click together a layout for their new home on the website before they book.”

Online configurator makes buying property easy

“Open and honest communication with customers became one of the main factors that made us decide in favour of the online configurator on the Rabarebase website,” said Sandor Simson, Development Manager at Pinered. “In our previous work on large-scale residential developments, we’ve repeatedly seen clients get caught in a vicious circle of change. Preparing price quotes for the changes requested by clients takes weeks or months, and the client then decides not to have them made after all, as the price is higher than they expected. All the work you’ve done is simply wasted. That’s why the price of each change is immediately visible on our website. We follow the same line of flexibility and transparency with our interior design choices as well.”

“Offering so much freedom of choice is a first in Estonia and could change the whole market. Clients can still request changes if they’re willing to pay for them, but seeing the price with just one click is a completely new direction,” said Member of the Management Board of Pindi Kinnisvara Peep Sooman about the Rabarebase project. “The scope of these changes is the best part. You can put together houses that have up to seven rooms, which is an option that even most detached house designs don’t offer.”

Complete and well-designed living environment

The construction of Rabarebase Garden City will start in November and the first residents will move in at the end of next year. Particular attention will be paid to the living environment of the Rabarebase property development. “In addition to building the houses, we’re also investing heavily in creating a complete living environment,” said Sandor Simson. “We’re working with the municipality to develop the best solutions for playgrounds and a community square. We also want to build a health trail around the garden city.”